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CSR Signs Price Agreements with Nine Leading Component Suppliers

harmure 23. Mai 2013

A. both logitech headsets are brokenthis has been a problem for me for quite some time. i am getting a blue tooth headset soon, so when i do that i can see for sure if it is my router or my headsets. plus, my router has been acting up as of late, however i just purchased this router back in May, so i dont know why it would crap out like this.

The best thing to do is highlight the problem. You have to check to see if your mic is working by trying it on another network/PS3. Alternatively, you could borrow a friends working mic and check to see if that works on your network/PS3. If your mic works on someone elses network/PS3 then you know that its your network/PS3 that is playing up. However, if your mic doesn’t work on theirs then it is your mic which has a problem. However, I think it is best to assume that it is your network or PS3 that has the problem since neither of your two mics sol republic headphones work. What router do you have?

Yeah most likely. UPnP is universal plug and play or something. It’s stopping your PS3 from fully communicating to other people. For example, I think NAT 3 can only communicate with NAT 1. NAT 2 can communicate with NAT 2 and NAT 1. NAT 1 can communicate with NAT 2 and NAT 3. I think the minimum requirements for online play is NAT 2. UPnP allows for a NAT 1. However, i’m not sure if this is entirely true as I have an Xbox 360 and NAT1= Open, NAT= Moderate and NAT3= Closed. I’m just hoping the same applies. This means you may have to open some ports on your router or enable UPnP.

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